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The Dali Vespa

There are endless curios and one-offs within the world of Vespa and none more so than the story of how a rather humble 60’s Vespa became one of the world’s most desirable and valuable scooters.

This Vespa was one of a pair owned by students Santiago Guillen and Antonio Veciana and In the summer of 1962, the young men decided to go on a road trip.

During their journey, they were lucky enough to meet the master of surrealism, Salvador Dali in Cadaques who was staying there whilst writing an article. On meeting the students Dali decided to take a break and decorate the body of the Vespas, adding his signature and the name of his wife and muse Gala.

Explaining his gesture, Dalì said that the Italian scooter was a symbol of mobility and consequently of liberty.

Santiago and Antonio liked the impromptu additions so decided to leave them untouched - thus preserving and creating unique artworks.

In the summer of 1999 in Girona, Spain during Eurovespa, they were exhibited at "The Art of the Motorcycle" and one of the pair was then kindly donated to the Piaggio Museum by Giovanni Alberto Agnelli.


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