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October 2022. Four new Vespa scooters have been launched as part of the new GTS range: GTS, GTS Super, GTS SuperSport and GTS SuperTech.

Vespa has revealed its new GTS range, featuring four new models and the most powerful engine to be used in a Vespa.

Vespa’s status as one of the most iconic names of the two-wheeled world remains undoubted in 2022, and their presence is now strengthened with the arrival of four new scooters.

The new models are a part of the new GTS range, and include: GTS, GTS Super, GTS SuperSport, and GTS SuperTech.

Each model features new brakes, suspension, and instrumentation, as well as a keyless system and a range of 14 colours.

The suspension of the GTS retains the traditional single-arm layout of Vespa, but is functionally redesigned for greater high-speed stability, as well as for improvements in comfort and handling.

Further, all four bikes are available with different engine choices. Firstly, there is the 125 i-get engine which can also be found in the Primavera.

Secondly, the 300 HPE is the most powerful engine to be fitted to a Vespa with 23 horsepower. This is a staple of Piaggio’s scooters, and now brings extra performance to the historical foundation of Vespa.

A TFT colour dashboard is available as standard on the SuperTech model, while on the SuperSport, Super and standard versions there is new instrumentation. Connectivity is possible via the Vespa MIA system on all four models, regardless of having the TFT system or the standard Vespa instrumentation.

But, Vespa MIA is only available as standard on th SuperTech. With the SuperSport, Super and standard models it is only available as an option.

All of the Vespa GTS scooters are manufactured in Italy, and are already available in Piaggio dealers.


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