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Passanger on a Vespa

From the very beginning, Piaggio focused on designing a two-wheeled vehicle that could easily carry a passenger. Unlike regular motorcycles where the driver needs to lean forward slightly, the Vespa frame enables the driver and the passenger to sit upright. In the 1940s this was the beginning of something successful. Suddenly couples felt a sense of freedom and were able to head out together to enjoy the countryside.

Throughout the years the Vespa models have changed, road safety regulations became stricter and traffic more hectic. So how about today? Is it still possible to carry a passenger ona Vespa?

The Vespa dual seat makes it possible to carry a passenger. The frame creates comfortable seating for the driver and passenger to sit for long distances. There are however a few models that were built for just a driver alone such as the classic VSO, classic Sprint, and the Vespa S (2007).

As you can imagine, while the sturdy frame and the comfortable seating allow the Vespa to carry a passenger, you do need to check what specific rules apply. Additionally driving a Vespa alone or with a passenger are two different experiences. You might want to continue reading to learn what they are so you can prepare yourself if you want to bring someone along for a ride.

Footrests are usually mandatory when taking a passenger with you. Alll small frame Vespas have a black rubber platform at the end of the footboard where passengers can rest their feet. An additional footrest can be installed if necessary.

Only the large frame GTS models have special footpegs located within the frame. You need to push it in order for it to pop out. For the GTS the footpegs are often located too much forward for an average size passenger, making it difficult to find a firm footing. Taller passengers will of course have no difficulties in this case.

Can children drive as a passenger on a Vespa?

A Vespa is considered a motor scooter or moped and the driver must abide by the rules. In most countries, acchildis only allowed to drive as a passenger on a motorcycle if he or she is tall enough to reach the footrests. This is therefore also the case for a Vespa.

You need to look up the specifics yourself as | can imagine that this rule doesn't entirely apply in all countries. In Asia and many countries in Europe, the child doesn’t need to reach the footrest. If you hit the highway with a Vespa motorcycle then obviously strict rules apply.

In the United States, there are several states that require a minimum age when taking a passenger. So double-check yourself if this is also the case for you.

While it might be allowed to take a child along because of its age and size, the driver needs to know for sure that the child is responsible enough to come along. If he or she can’t sit still and isn’t aware of the dangers in traffic, then this will affect the driving negatively.


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