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Choose your Vespa

It is time to decide which Vespa model you want. While you should base your final decision on your needs (type of Vespa, engine displacement, and frame size), understandably you will go for the looks as well.


With a 300cc engine displacement, the GTS is the only and fastest large frame modern Vespa. This motor scooter has the most powerful engine of all models. It has 12-inch wheels, disc brakes, and a dual rear shock. The size is big enough to comfortably bring a passenger along. A motorcycle license is mandatory when driving a GTS.

The newest GTS comes with a High Engine Performance Engine (HPE) which is more economical and environmentally friendly. The TFT display shows your driving progress, while you connect your smartphone to your Vespa through the Vespa MIA system.

This large frame Vespa comes in various series and limited-themed colors such as Yacht Club. The differences between the series mainly lie in the upgraded technology and slight differences in design.

The GTS is ideal for:

  • daily use: and is an ideal all-purpose motorcycle scooter

  • commuting: powerful and reliable engine, comfortable ride, safe for the highway, and economic

  • city: upright position and compact size easy to maneuver through heavy traffic, easy to park, enough storage possibilities

  • long trips/weekend trips: reliable, easy to create enough stowage

The GTS Series: Vespa GTS, GTS Touring, GTS Super, GTS SuperSport, GTS SuperTech (HPE engine and TFT display) and GTS Sei Giorno

Primavera 125cc-150cc & Vespa Sprint 125cc-150cc,

The 125 and 150cc Primavera and the Sprint are the new modern Vespa models. Both have 12-inch wheels, the latest comes with an ABS braking system and the IGet system. IGet stands for Italian Green Experience Technology. The 125 i-get has a Regulator Inverter Start & Stop system which enables the Vespa to restart and change gears smoothly. This system is perfect for in the city where you will stop and accelerate often.

Both Vespa models come with a full-color TFT display and a connection to the Vespa MIA app that provides all sorts of personal information on your Vespa.

The Primavera’s design is inspired by the classic Vespa Primavera. It has elegant lines and a familiar round headlight. Piaggio seems to be exactly on point when it comes to the type of driver of these Vespa models.

The Vespa Sprint is popular among drivers in their 20's

I have seen more women in their 20's or both men and women in their 30's and older driving the

Primavera. It has softer color tones and elegant lines. Whereas the Sprint has a more sporty look and is mainly popular among younger drivers, particularly in their 20s. The black and dark grey Vespa Sprint is extremely popular. While Piaggio also offers them in yellow and red, | don't see them driving around that much.

The Vespa 946 125-150cc is actually a whole other story. This Vespa is the Maserati among the Vespa scooters and you will at least need to pay USD 10.000 to be able to drive it. Pretty crazy in my opinion. But when it comes to the 946, Piaggio wasn't aiming at large quantities but at just the few who have enough to pay for something stylish and unique.

Fortunately, the 946 doesn't only have unique looks but Piaggio also focused on quality and its technical standards. Since 2013 Piaggio has launched 5 Vespa 946 series: Ricordo, Bellissima, Emporio Armani, Red, and Cristian Dior.

The 125-150cc small frame Vespas are ideal for:

  • commuting: short distance suburb city commuting, for driving 3Omiles a day with hardly any highways

  • city: compact yet strong motor with the IGet system

  • the price is cheaper then the large frame GTS yet it still has a strong engine

  • drivers who want a Vespa motorcycle scooter but the GTS is too heavy


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