We produce high-quality METAL (no fiberglass) Vespa Sidecar, with all the accessories needed as seat, shock absorber, lights, etc.

It can be used in Classical Vespas from 1962 to 1979 (from VBB to PX) to modern Vespa (GTS, GTV...) just doing by us some modification in the fittings, and with the wheel size and rim as your Vespa.

The price of Sidecar is 1.500€, 1.800USD, 2.350AUD

Transport Sidecar to; Europe 470€, USA 640$, Australia 420AUD (approximately) 

Classic Vespa


Modern Vespa

The sidecar uses a removable but strong connecting plate to connect to your Vespa, hence not permanent so you can easily remove the sidecar when needed.

The sidecar is 1,5m long, 1m wide and 0,8m tall when fitted on the Vespa. 

The sidecar is built for tall adults and can carry until 300kg of load.

Depending on your traffic we can make the Sidecar on the right or left side.

Front and rear lights are provided.

Also, a Trunk compartment at the rear will allow you to keep your stuff, like helmets, bags...

The Synthetic leather seat will be in the color that you prefer, just ask for options, usually white, black, or brown. 

Acrylic Windshield provides visibility while protecting occupants of the sidecar of the wind and the elements.

We usually have some sidecar in stock and will take about 1 week for painting and tests before delivery.


You will have a detailed manual with all the steps to fix the Sidecar in your Vespa or we can organize with your local Vespa dealer for fitment. 

Size of packing 173cm long, 103cm wide, 92cm high total 2 (cubic meter) and 130kg, 



You can choose from the Vespas on Stock or you can custom your Vespa. You choose the model, color, accessories and in 1 month is done. 50% has to be paid when is done the reservation/order

When Vespa is finished we test for 100km. If there's any problem that sometimes appears at the beginning as an electric problem, adjust carburetor, loose oil from the engine...

After 100 km working perfectly, the Vespa is forever


The price of transport Vespa with Sidecar is approximate; Europe 935€, USA 1.080$, Australia 780AUD

The transport company picks up the Vespa with original documents. They send the confirmation to you for an invoice to pay them directly and confirmed to you as the Vespa is ready for transport. In this step, you pay the other 50% of your Vespa and the invoice for transport.

The transport is until Port. Can't be done to your door because at the border you need documents as Vespa and/or Sidecar arrives, is imported, so only an Agent can do this and do the delivery to your house. We arrange transport to port, at the port you need an agent.

Our transport company will send you all the documents by DHL. Usually delivery of the Vespa takes 4 weeks and you will have documents for sending to your agent 2 weeks before Vespa arrives. In these documents are original documents of the Vespa and with the documents than Agent will give you as imported, you can do number plate in your country.

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