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Theron + VespaSidecar

Hello Theron, nice to meet you. I will try to be as simple as I can, because this could take tooo long. I will try also to make it as visual as possible to make it more enjoyable 

I think to start I will introduce myself.

I am Juan Manuel Nacarino Fernandez, 45 years old, from Valencia, Spain. 

After finishing my Industrial university degree I went to Barcelona working in construction. First as a site manager assistant and later as a specialist in construction with a Master's degree in La Salle Barcelona, in 2008.

My side business was with Vintage Vespas, my hobby, I had a shop and garage doing restorations, we did probably around 70 Vespas in 3 years and imported containers with vintage Vespas from Vietnam.

In 2013 I was tired of Western life in Barcelona and I moved to Bali for a  more spiritual life, most yoga and meditation.

I started working as a freelance building villas and hotels to friends.

Later I was building an eco-hotel in Sumbawa and I moved for a resort project to Lombok, for a 2-year Melia resort for a Hong Kong company. Until September 2021

Always working a side with Vintage Vespas, mostly with a sidecar as a hobby for friends in Europe Project

Around 2020, I don´t know exactly, I bought a domain, . It was available!

I did a webpage as a Hobby and I started to do business when I had time from my PM construction work. Most some Vespa Vintage + sidecars for European friends and Asia, I was thinking of selling in Australia, Singapore, etc

Last year, in 2022 i went to Spain after the COVID lockdown to visit my family and introduce my new children,, and the surprise was i had more than 1,000 visitors from the USA. 

I realized they were really interested because the law is more flexible than in Europe, and they wanted for modern Vespa... and I didn´t know about modern Vespa, I was very professional in a Vintage Vespa.

I started to develop the project in the USA by doing some travels to find partners, first was in October 2022 to Florida. Finally, we started the production but all was wrong, I found the wrong partners. They were capable but too busy with their routine work to have new experiences. 

I got frustrated in July 2023 and I decided to change the direction of the project when continued increasing the visitors to the webpage, actually 3.000 months!! around 100 days!!!

I decided not to continue with Florida because my VISA after 2 visits had almost already expired and travel was too difficult from Spain so I moved my family to Cancun, easy to meet partners in Miami as one with a showroom.

Having actually more than 100 visitors per day and every day have emails (with this ugly webpage) from people who want to buy sidecars. 

Why not make them happy?? 

Create some jobs and do something funny.

Just needs a trustfull company and a webpage and people will start to buy sidecars daily


I am frustrated because production is difficult because I depend on too many variants because I can not manage it by myself, I don´t have the resources as could be a preferred production garage. 

I really think I could manage this project with maybe 50,000$ because after 1 year's holiday in Spain and starting the project in Florida still hasn´t taken off. With money, I could do my own factory/garage and have a professional in many fields such as marketing online, sales, etc

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