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You LOVE your Vespa, so do we


Whether it is exclusive and unique Italian styling of your scooter, its unique history, its lower environmental impact, or ease of parking, there are so many different reasons you LOVE it every time you get a chance to ride.

Show your LOVE back to your Vespa by purchasing it a fully customized sidecar that exactly matches your scooter. Able to fit on either side of your Vespa, this custom sidecar will fully match the colors, badging, lights, and wheels of your model and year of scooter. Built to extremely high standards of quality, this sidecar will LOVE your scooter and you back for years to come.

Think about what you will be able to do with your new sidecar such as bringing along an extra friend, completing your weekly shopping without a car, taking a pet along to catch some fresh air…the possibilities for you are endless!

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