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How to attach your new sidecar to your Vespa.
Fitting instruction;

We have made our sidecar easy to install yet strong.

Our sidecar is easily fitted with only 4 screws. It is also removable with the 4 screws. Yet the connecting plate is very strong enough to carry a heavy load.

Any workshop/service can install/fit the sidecar for you with the following instructions. If you have any trouble, you can do a video call with WhatsApp with our mechanic to help with the installation.

If you are in Florida we can do it for you, if you are in another state just point out which is your nearest Vespa dealer or favorite garage and we will communicate with them to install it for you.

The sidecar we shipped has already been fitted to the frame for easy fitment

What will you find inside the box?

  1. Sidecar capsule body, made with fiberglass

  2. Strong steel frame

  3. Windshield Acrylic

  4. Wheels already fitted with tyre and matching your original rims

  5. Connecting Plate (underframe for Primavera)

  6. Seat belt

  7. Seat

  8. Screws

  9. Mudguard

1. Join the suspension system to the frame

  • You will find 2 screws 3 inches long to join both parts. 

2. Join the frame to the vespa

  • Remove the battery on the floor of your Vespa

  • You will see 2 holes under the battery and 2 square holes in both sides

  • Pass through the 4 screws from up to down

  • Pass under the Vespa the 4 screws through the holes on the frame and put the nuts. Tight all 4 very well


Vespa Primavera has another accessory between the Vespa and the frame of the sidecar, you have to pass the screws through the holes of the separator/square before the big frame

screws suspension.jpg
holes under the vespa.jpg
screws on the hole.jpg
frame sidear installed on the vespa.jpg

3. Join the sidecar Body to the frame.

You will find 4 holes in the frame and on the floor of the fiberglass body that have to be joined with Screws of 2 Inch

If the body doesn't have holes, just put them over the frame, and from down mark where are the holes on the frame, and do them on the body. Picture: red x screws to frame. Orange x screws to frame and install the belt. Blu x screws trough down to fix the seat. The blue square is the position of the seat.  Yellow x the hole to pass the cable for lights.

floor manual.jpg
floor 2 manual.jpg
4 holes body sidecar vespa.jpg

4. Install the mudguard

Make 3 holes in the mudguard, one in very side and another in the middle.

The 3 screws are provided on the box

Put the mudguard over the wheel and mark the holes of the right position of the mudguard on the body.
Remove the wheel and do the holes. Install the mudguard. Install the wheel.

mudguard vespa attach.jpg
screows mudguard vespa sidecar.jpg
Imagen de WhatsApp 2024-01-31 a las 19.37-PhotoRoom (2).png

5. Join the seat to the body

Use the same screws that join the fiberglass body to the pallet for transport, but now from above, the opposite, using the same holes on the fiberglass


6. . Attach the windshield

The front of the sidecar has already 2 hoes where you have to pass through the brackets of the windshield and 2 holes to put the screws to make the installation of the windshield.  Is attached inside. Tight the nuts very well.

windshield screw.jpg
sidecar vespa gts front.jpg

7. Lights


Before installing the seat, pass the 2 cables from the back right of the turn signals of your Vespa to the turn signal right of your sidecar. Will also join the cable to the front right turn signal. Just 2 cables (positive and negative)

Is not possible to find the same terminal as the Vespa cable installation for the turn signals do have to be removed and install new and standard terminal, will be easy to remove if needed.

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