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History of side car.

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About Manuel

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Growing up in Valencia, Vespas were part of the founder’s, Manuel Fernandez, daily culture and life.  He loved the classic styling and freedom provided only by the Vespa brand and has been a lifelong owner and rider.

After completing his master’s degree in Spain, Manuel continued to LOVE Vespas and decided to forgo a more traditional career and actualize his lifelong dream and create a business from his former hobby.  He quit his job to start his first garage and formed a business in Barcelona to restore vintage Vespas.

During this time Manuel saw the demand for sidecars that perfectly matched the look, feel, quality, and experience of Vespas.  Starting small, he began to focus on the local market and began developing beautiful and functional sidecars for the Spanish market.

After a couple years word got out and orders started coming from many other European countries.  Manuel also expanded his market and supply chain to include several countries in Asia.  It was then that business really took off.

After continuing to operate for many years in Europe and Asia focusing on custom sidecars Manuel recognized an unmet need in the US market, specifically focusing on sidecars for US customers buying new Vespas.  After all, Vespa customers like you routinely buy a variety of upgrades at the point of sale so why not a sidecar?


In 2022, Manuel moved his business to the US, forming Hannah Sidecars (named after another of Manuel’s LOVE, his youngest daughter).  Partnering with several key preferred Vespa dealerships, the opportunity to serve the US market began.  Today, operating from Hollywood, Florida, Hannah Sidecars is delighting people like you across the US.

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