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Update 30th Sept 23

I Apologise for the delay but the work is taking longer than was planned

I continue improving more and more the sidecar and as you can read on the webpage, is handmade, we are not a factory, and making it perfect is taking longer than I thought.

The idea was to finish and do delivery in September of the delayed sidecars but we are working hard on every turn signal to make it perfect and we have 15 sidecars x 4 lights per sidecar = 60 units done 1 by 1.

Sorry, the fiberglass company is also working on another project, they can not dedicate all the human resources to my project, and I can not shoot them in a leg to make my project's priority. As you can see in the video, almost all the sidecars are almost finished. 

As you can see on the video above before was just cut to glue the turn signals but there were a lot of problems.

Now we made the shapes of the blinker on the fiberglass to make it as the original Vespa

Sorry is taking longer than I thought and I hope in the future to have always stock and this not happen again to any Vespa friend. 

Good news... sidecar fiberglass work is finished next week and you will have another consideration improvement in your sidecar from what you buy to what you get

Imagen de WhatsApp 2023-10-01 a las 00.36.45_a8e028e5.jpg
Imagen de WhatsApp 2023-10-01 a las 00.36.44_6061f230.jpg

Sorry and apologise for delay, I just did my best to make you happy


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