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Sidecar for your Vespa offers in Miami (link Europe) hand-made sidecars for modern Vespa matic and Classic Vespa Vintage, 100% made in the USA.

     All our Sidecar are tailor-made builds that fit your needs. 
Every project is unique, reliable, elegant, and dynamic. We build with the highest quality standards and we take care of the smallest details.

     Our sidecars can be used in Modern matic Vespa (GTS, Sprint, Primavera... and now elettrica) and Classic Vespas from 1962 to 1979 (from VBB, PTS, Faro basso, Sprint, Super... to PX). 


We have the fittings for your Vespa.

New design 2023

Modern Vespa Sidecar


  • We match the color of your Vespa with the color of your Sidecar.

  • The sidecar uses a removable but strong connecting plate frame to connect to your Vespa, hence not permanent so you can easily remove the sidecar when needed. All accessories included, ready to install and ride/enjoy. 

  • The sidecar is 55 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 20 inches tall. And assembled on your Vespa is 40 inches wider, and the sidecar is 35 inches tall    

  • The sidecar is built for tall adults and can carry 660 lbs of load.

  • The Synthetic leather seat will be in the color that you prefer, usually white, black, or brown. 

  • The acrylic Windshield provides visibility while protecting occupants of the sidecar of the wind and the elements.

  • Approximately... you could enjoy your sidecar in 2 weeks. 

  • You will have a detailed manual with all the steps to fix the Sidecar in your Vespa or we can organize with your local Vespa dealer for fitment. 

  • Price starts at 2.495$

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